Rick Ross – Rich Forever [Mixtape & Inside Look]

Here is a video of an inside look into the Rich Forever mixtape by the Ross. (Download at the bottom)

Rick Ross Rich Forever mixtape BeatsandCulture

After the dawn of the cover art and track list, we finally have the complete feature. Consisting of banger after banger of the same flow and persona that has made Rick Ross the star that he is. He obviously is aware of the power that he now holds in the rap game and that come across with the number of features that he has accumulated on this record. The implications of that are, the difficulties other artists have in getting just one feature, let alone to the extent of Rich Forever. The music is what it is, the beats are premiere so you know the explosion of artistry that was conjured in the multiple studios the record was created in. Just to show you how serious Ross is in cementing his name in hip hop history, he has another mixtape out with his label Maybach Music Group. The dude is a problem right about now and we don’t really see that letting up soon. Kudos.

Download: Rich Forever | Rich Forever Alternative


T.I. Ft. Dr. Dre – Popped Off

Probably the most standout track on T.I.’s latest mixtape, Fuck Da City Up, notable for it’s feature and production more than anything. Yes, it’s good to hear Dr. Dre’s voice again. On a T.I. track too. After his release from prison, Tip was clearly eager to rebuild bridges with people he fell outta contact with. And if this is the result we get from it then, please Tip, keep building bridges.

Mixtape download link: Fuck Da City Up

Bobby V – Vitamin V Mixtape

Bobby V - Vitamin V mixtape BeatsandCulture

Download: Bobby V – Vitamin V Mixtape

Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz: Blended Babies & Friends (Mixtape)



01 Pabst & Jazz Prod. Blended Babies
02 Choices Prod. Blended Babies
03 In The Kitchen Prod. Chuck Inglish
04 Useless Prod. Blended Babies
05 More Cowbell Prod. Blended Babies
06 Bastermating Prod. Blended Babies_Chuck Inglish
07 Common Knowledge Prod. Blended Babies
08 Golden Midas Prod. Blended Babies
09 Insurance Prod. Blended Babies
10 Hard Times Prod. Blended Babies
11 Ampersand Prod. Blended Babies
12 Get By Prod. Blended Babies
13 Not Meant 2 Be Prod. Blended Babies
14 Running Away Prod. Blended Babies
15 Charlie Chaplin Prod. Blended Babies
16 Dope Shit Prod. 1500 or Nothin

Download: Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz: Blended Babies & Friends

Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them

Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them BeatsandCulture

The rapper Blu and, Exile: the super producer extraordinaire, have reunited to bring you this new LP entitled Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them. It is a simple message that goes by people so readily, ‘if you love and appreciate someone, tell them whilst you still can and whilst they can still appreciate it’. The lyrics, flows and production are so epic, it feels like a waste of time uttering the obvious. If you don’t already have ‘Below The Heavens’, their awesome first EP, then we would definitely recommend it as soon as you finished reading and listening to this. Big smiles here.

Tinie Tempah – Happy Birthday EP

tinie tempah happy birthday ep beatsandculture

The kid Tinie drops his latest EP Happy birthday donning a bunch of features from the likes of J. Cole, Giggs, Big Sean, Pusha T and Wiz Khalifa to name but a few. So it’s “London stand up!” when this record gets played and we ain’t complaining. There’s something for everyone on there, best way to find out if you like it is to listen to it.


Download: Happy Birthday EP

Danny Brown – Monopoly

Danny Brown. He’s irritated when he’s not sedated. If you like the open-loud-minded Danny, then be sure to get his XXX mixtape. It’s pure ill. Enough said.

Download: XXX mixtape