100th Post!!!


This is a special moment for us here at the Beats and Culture team, as we hit our 100th post since starting 12 days ago. We hope you have enjoyed our input as much as we have enjoyed providing you with the newest, hottest urban music out right now. Expect the same quality and quantity of new material out from this web blog, as well as a few added features over time. As a team, we are dedicated to keeping up to date with new music and also offering something different including interviews, new mixtapes, live shows and those special moments that you just can’t miss.

Let’s hope the music next year is as good, if not better, than it has been this year because we have no intention of letting down when it comes to the quality of service and content. Music is our passion, so we just hope you appreciate our efforts and keep dropping by.

Kind Regards,

The Beats and Culture Team


Beats and Culture is finally here!

We beholdeth this musical experience onto you good sirs and madams!

We try and bring to you a fresh take on hip hop and RnB. Something to entertain and amaze, so enjoy our efforts.